Statement of Intent

Shipping Lane is primarily committed to execute the activities with priority given to the prevention of mental or physical trauma. This commitment forms the fundamental part of Shipping Lane’s culture, beliefs, values and norms. It is this commitment that determines the success of the mission.

Stop work

Work should be immediately stopped if this policy can’t be proactively applied.

Human factors

Human factors are a key aspect in preventing incidents and will be taken into all risk assessments.

Zero tolerance

Shipping Lane recognises the existence of human failure and understands that accidents, ill health and incidents result from failings in management control and are not necessarily the fault of individuals. Therefore Shipping Lane believes in a ‘no-blame-culture’ while searching for root causes of incidents. However, there is zero tolerance towards violators of the Health and Safety Policy.

True Bearings

Shipping Lane has defined 9 True Bearings (beliefs, values and norms) in the Mission Statement to describe and shape the desired working culture. Shipping Lane considers these True Bearings as being critical for continuation.

Aims & Objectives

  • No negative impact to the degree of physical, mental & social well-being and aim to improve them.
  • No accidents, incidents or damages (including environment and security).
  • Complying with relevant legislation, regulations, voluntary programmes and collective agreements on Occupational Health and Safety.
  • No deviations from the Health and Safety policy.
  • Continual improvement of the services provided.
  • Creating successful partnerships throughout projects and establishing lasting relationships with customers leading to recommendations to others.
  • Continually improve the degree of Health and Safety by addressing observations and lessons learnt.
  • No financial loss arising from avoidable unplanned events.
  • Developing a culture supportive of health and safety necessary to achieve adequate control over risks.
  • Support quality initiatives aimed at continuous improvement.


The owner of Shipping Lane: Arie van der Harst, Tech IOSH is responsible for implementing this policy and delivering the objectives. No roles or responsibilities are delegated to others.

Arie van der Harst holds a NEBOSH IGC as well as many other certificates and a Dutch Occupational Health and Safety diploma. Experience is gained over many years in many roles.


These specific Sub-Level policies implement the practical arrangements for achieving the overall Health and Safety Policy and are further supported by more detailed procedures to achieve the policy to which they pertain.

  1. Environment protection policy
  2. Risk assessment policy.
  3. SSOW policy.
  4. Purchasing policy.
  5. Work related road risk policy.
  6. Consultation with the workforce policy.
  7. QHSES training policy.
  8. Monitoring standards policy.
  9. Smoking policy.
  10. Alcohol and drugs policy.
  11. Dealing with unacceptable behaviour at work policy.
  12. Stress management policy.
  13. Accident investigation and reporting policy.
  14. Emergency response policy.
  15. Fire policy.

Shipping Lane ensures that this policy is implemented and maintained.

Scheveningen, 19 November 2020

Arie van der Harst

Disclaimer: I work for clients but anything I write or display here represents my own personal views.