Offshore and onshore, oil, gas & renewables, construction & decommissioning and maritime projects will continue to demand QHSES and training services from independent contractors with internationally recognised certificates and relevant experience until 2030.


To be hired for the most interesting and challenging projects ensuring a continual profitable business sufficient to achieve the mission. The project should create a successful partnership throughout the project and establish lasting relationships with the customer such that they will recommend Shipping Lane to others.


Shipping Lane is in business to realise the highest degree of physical, mental & social well being for the owner, his family and those involved, and to generate sufficient cash flow to support the financial needs and savings for retirement in 2030. In projects I aim for reasonable and effective controls of hazards allowing efficient working but above all a safe working environment for all involved.

Enablers: (embrace)
       Willpower Decency
       Personality Personal growth
       Autonomy Professionalism
       Freedom Business
       Humour Genuinely
       Goal setting & declarations Influencing Behaviour
       Challenges Competency
Disablers: (avoid)
       Lack of respect Experiencing mistrust
       Dullness Absence of safety

True Bearings

Shipping Lane has defined 9 True Bearings to describe and shape the desired working culture:

  1. Protect your health. No matter what.
  2. Strive for the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being.
  3. Choose environmental friendly and sustainable options where possible.
  4. Consider all people as basically good and contributing to the mission.
  5. Act respectful and hold yourself to consistent moral and ethical standards.
  6. Manage by leadership, walk the talk.
  7. Provide the highest degree of quality.
  8. Collaborate and be open-minded for alternative opinions.
  9. Actively convey the meaning of the Policy and the Mission Statement when circumstance demands, and express the consequences of failing to appreciate them.

Disclaimer: I work for clients but anything I write or display here represents my own personal views.